Real Estate Open Houses

You’ve listed your home for sale with a real estate agent. He/she wants to host an Open House this Sunday. Sounds great. Your agent wants to really work to get your house sold.

I have a file that is filled with alerts from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service regarding stolen prescription drugs, money, jewelry, cash and checkbooks, as well as violence perpetrated against real estate brokers, occurring in homes during Open Houses. You wouldn’t open your house to a stranger and let him roam through your house. So, why would you let your real estate agent do the same thing?

The real estate agent’s purpose for an Open House is to find a buyer. The chance of that buyer buying your house is incredibly slim. The agent knows this, but hopes that he or she can develop a rapport with prospective buyers and sell them a home somewhere else. So, you have prepared your home, and have taken your family out on a field trip, while your agent is fishing for business.

One of the purposes of hiring an agent is to have qualified buyers look at your home, so that you don’t have to open it up to strangers and nosey neighbors. So, what is the first thing that you do after you list your home for sale???

Don’t do it. A serious buyer is working with an agent. A serious buyer knows what is on the market for sale. Don’t open your house up to strangers.

—Kelly Garvey